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Biederman in rehearsal with Ken Barnett and Alyson Weaver, LA RONDE

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to nail that audition,

      to expand your choices,

          to get un-stuck,

to find inspiration.

Larry Biederman's coaching helps actors to clarify and demystify their process to reveal and fully utilize their individuality. 


For him, believability is a tool to engage an audience, but it is more important to be interesting than merely real. These words--real, believable, authentic, relatable--can also be used against us, to take away our uniqueness in favor of familiarity and making people comfortable with us. Only YOU know what is authentic for you.


Yes, be "real," but NOT the same.


Biederman has coached countless actors for theatre, film and television work and auditions.  In 2010, he served as the on-set coach for the cast of the ABC Family series, "HUGE."  As a director himself, he understands what directors want from actors, and loves to collaborate with them to help their actors realize their vision. 

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