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"in other words"

“Larry Biederman is the real deal and at the top of his game-- 

a masterful director and story teller with an incredible range. 

Everything I've seen from him is grounded in truth, 

no matter what style he chooses to work in.

Larry understands how to connect with and hold an audience. 

His work has depth, precision, theatricality, and always-- amazing honesty. 


“Larry is also an inspirational acting teacher and coach. With warmth and

imagination, he instantly knows how to get to the heart of the actor and

bring out the buried treasure there. Working with Larry brought out the best

in our scripts and in our cast. His input and insight was invaluable.


“He is a find.”


  -Winnie Holzman, Writer, Wicked, “My So-Called Life”, “Huge”

“I had the great pleasure of working with Larry on the television series, HUGE.

His official title was "acting coach" but calling Larry that

 is like calling Michael Jordan a "basketball player" -  

it doesn't really describe how brilliantly they do what they do.

Larry is a stellar talent...with talent.

His grasp on the craft of acting, coupled with his intuitive understanding

of the pragmatic and political pressures of production

 make him a star asset to any stage or screen endeavor.

Most importantly though, Larry is a wonderfully caring human being

and I'd jump at the chance to work with him again.”


-Kim Rozenfeld, Executive Producer, “Huge”; Creative Executive, Apple;

President, Half Full Entertainment

“My experience working with Larry Biederman was as good as it gets. 

As far as acting coaching is concerned, Larry is superb. 

He has a great knack for using what you are already bringing to a character 

to help you find new angles and explore even more depth. 

As a director I felt he had a solid understanding of the play 

and staged it most effectively.  

He has a very positive easygoing manner

and makes the whole experience very rewarding and great fun. 

I look forward to working with him again. “


  -Kurtwood Smith, Actor, "That 70's Show"

“Larry is a fantastic, inventive, and extremely intelligent theatre artist.

I am always inspired by his work and

his unique way of thinking and approaching material.

Working with him as a director was a privilege that I hope to revisit again and again.

It is rare to collaborate with someone who encourages you to do better work than you knew you were capable of.

I trust Larry entirely and envy any actor or young director who gets to spend time in a theatre with him.”


   -Ken Barnett, Actor, Teacher

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